Finland - Mestis Betting Odds

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Upcoming Markets
Match Time Teams Best Odds Market % +Markets
Jokipojat vs Peliitat - l - 0.00 +More
IPK vs JYP Akatemia - l - 0.00 +More
RoKi vs Hermes - l - 0.00 +More
SaPKo vs Hokki - l - 0.00 +More
Kiekko-Vantaa vs Espoo United - l - 0.00 +More
TuTo vs LeKi - l - 0.00 +More
Kiekko-Vantaa vs Jokipojat - l - 0.00 +More
IPK vs Keupa - l - 0.00 +More
LeKi vs Hokki - l - 0.00 +More
Espoo United vs Hermes - l - 0.00 +More
LeKi vs RoKi - l - 0.00 +More
Hermes vs Peliitat - l - 0.00 +More
Kiekko-Vantaa vs IPK - l - 0.00 +More
SaPKo vs Jokipojat - l - 0.00 +More
TuTo vs JYP Akatemia - l - 0.00 +More
Multibet Odds Comparison
Outright Selection Win Mestis
Espoo United  
JYP Akatemia  

Outright betting markets for Finnish Mestis
Win Mestis    

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